3 Comments on Forecasts for US oil and gas production. Jean Laherrère, 19 mars 2018.

  1. Thank you very much for this study. I search constantly on a daily basis for new information, scientific research, and reports on the oil situation. I have been especially interested in scientific research on us tight oil since this is one of the two main determining factors of when world production will peak – and how severe the impact will be – the other main factor now is the critically low level of investment. Unfortunately, I believe the impact will be cataclysmic.

    I have a request: Please provide links and names of studies referenced on page 22.

  2. Jean, thank you so much for your swift reply.

    I was referring to the table of forecasts for « US all » and « USL48. » Maybe I’m misunderstanding this table.

    Specifically, I searched for the MIT forecast from 2018 which suggests 235 for USL 48 but couldn’t find anything. I read the MIT study from 2017 that suggests EIA has overestimated US recoverable tight oil, but I don’t think this is the study to which you refer. I probably already have a copy of MIT’s 2014 forecast, but I would very much appreciate links to both of these MIT forecasts.

    I would also very much like a link to Rystad’s 2016 and 2018 reports if they are available. I have read short articles about Rystad’s 2016 report but haven’t found direct links and I don’t know the actual names of these reports.

    Best Regards

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