World NGL production, Jean Laherrère, 17 juin 2017.

This paper reports on NGL production data and their uncertainties and discrepancies: « NGL production data is a mess and it is almost impossible to find reliable historical NGL data for each country and the world. Furthermore, most of data are in volume and added despite a large range of heat content: it is adding oranges and apples! The big problem is about condensate. Condensate was produced in the past in the US with crude oil and measured together, it is why EIA reports lease condensate with crude oil in their historical data and the liquids extracted in the gas plants as NGPL. NGL is the sum of NGPL and condensate. Condensate is excluded by the OPEC members in their quotas, it is why OPEC data does not report condensate production in their ASB. NGL production for OPEC always includes condensate, but not always for Non-OPEC and IEA does not report Non-UPEC NGLs As I often said in the world of football there are rules, umpires and red cards, in the world of oil there is no rules, no umpire and no red card! Most of data is reported without a clear definition of the product. There are problems with condensate, ethane, LPG (liquified petroleum gases) and pentanes! »

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  1. Rui Namorado Rosa // août 25, 2019 à 6:38 // Réponse

    Warm regards to Jean Laherrere and thanks for his continuous enlightment on the essential details of the oil and gas industry.

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